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Selected DPI and UN System Press Releases
Last updated 09 March 2014
March 2014
1From The Ashes of War, Seeds of Peace
February 2014
1UNESCO Chief Calls on Broadcasters to Promote Empowerment of Women
1Ban Calls for Observance of Olympic Truce for Winter Olympic Games
1If Not Prevented, 86m. Young Girls Worldwide Are Likely To Experience FGM By 2030-Ban Warns
1Saving the Imperiled Hamouns of Eastern Iran By: Gary Lewis, UN Resident Coordinator in the Islamic Republic of Iran
January 2014
1A Visit to Auschwitz By UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
1UN Official at London Symposium: Water: Iran's Main Environmental challenge
December 2013
1One in Three Children Under-Five Do Not Officially Exist - UNICEF
1On Human Rights Day, Mandela’s Commitment to Human Dignity, Equality, Justice and Compassion Will Forever Remain an Inspiration-Ban
1On Int’l day for disabled persons, Break Barriers, Open Doors: For an Inclusive Society for All
1Continued Investment, Commitment and Innovation Are Needed In Order To Have a Future without Aids-Ban
November 2013
1Secretary-General, In Message, Says Solidarity Day Chance to 'Reflect On Critical Situation of Palestinian People, Consider Our Collective Responsibilities'
1UNODC Supports Family Skills Training Programmes In Iran
1UNFPA Announces Master Plan to Protect Women and Girls in the Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan
1UN Secretary-General Welcomes Agreement on the Nuclear Programme of Iran
1The Indelible Imprint of JFK
1Ban Calls for Halting All Forms of Violence against Women, Girls
1UNFPA Responds To Urgent Maternal Health and Protection Needs of Women in the Philippines
1UN Is Ready To Help Iran to Tackle Water Shortage-UN Official
1On World Toilet Day, Worldwide, Some 2.5 Billion People Lack the Benefits of Adequate Sanitation-UN Chief
1Traffic Accidents Kill 1.24 M. People Annually-Ban
1Tolerance, the Strongest Foundation for Peace, Reconciliation-Ban
1Iran and UN Atomic Energy Agency Agree To Strengthen Nuclear Cooperation
1On Int’l Week of Science, Peace, Ban Underlines Importance Of Role Of Science, Technology In Promoting Progress, Peace
1Scientific Cooperation, a Force For Peace, Development-UNESCO Chief
1Ban Stresses Importance of Protecting Environment in Times of Armed Conflict
October 2013
1More Than 7 Million Girls in Poor Countries Give Birth Before 18 Each Year, Finds New UNFPA Report
1On UN Day Ban Underlines Importance Of Working Together For Peace, Development And Human Rights
1Every Day 840 Million People Go Hungry In A World of Plenty
1Ban Calls For Greater Efforts To Carry Out UN’s Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan
1A Wave of Diplomatic Progress at the United Nations By Ban Ki-Moon
1Invest In Education So That Girls Can Advance In Their Personal Development-UN Chief
1Urban Transport, Central to Sustainable Development-UN Chief
1World Need 5.24m. Teachers In Order To Reach Universal Primary Education Goal By 2015
1UNFPA Works to Ensure People Everywhere Can Age With Dignity, Security and Confidence
1Ban Calls On Global Citizens to Be Inspired By Courage of Mahatma Gandhi
September 2013
1Remove Barriers to Older Persons’ Full Participation In Society-Ban
1Ban Urged Tourism Establishments To Cut Consumption, Improve Waste Management
1World Leaders Renew Commitment To Anti-Poverty Targets, Agree To Adopt New Development Goals At 2015 Summit
1Every Girl and Every Boy Deserves To Receive a Quality Education
1232m. International Migrants Living Abroad Worldwide–New UN Global Migration Statistics Reveal
1Harness the Wealth of Knowledge, Expertise and Development Thinking In the Global South-UN Chief
1Worldwide 250m. Children Are Illiterate- UN Chief
184% Of World’s Population Can Read, Write—UNESCO Chief
August 2013
1Visit of United Nations Under-Secretary-General Jeffrey Feltman to Iran, 25-27 August 2013
1World Needs More of Teamwork-Ban
1Political Leadership Brings Us a Step Closer To the Dream of Sanitation and Water for All
1On Int’l Youth Day Ban Calls for Promotion of Young Migrants’ Rights
1Create a World That Values Wealth of Human Diversity-Ban
July 2013
1On International Day of Friendship, Ban calls for cultivation of warm ties that strengthen our common humanity
1Incheon (Republic Of Korea) Named “World Book Capital 2015”
1Heart of Nelson Mandela Int’l Day Is Good Works for People, Planet-UN Chief
1At Start of Islamic Fasting Month, Ban Appeals to All Parties in Syria to Stop Violence
1On World Population Day Ban Calls for Guaranteed Maternal Health Services for All Women
1Pregnancy Complications, Child Birth Leading Cause of Death among 15-19 Year Old Girls - UNFPA Chief
1Malala Comes To the United Nations By: Ban Ki-moon
1Ban Calls on Governments to Support, Strengthen Cooperatives
1New UN Report Cites 'Unprecedented Climate Extremes' Over Past Decade
1Millennium Development Goals Are Within Reach, But Stronger Efforts Needed – UN Report
June 2013
12013 World Drug Report Notes Stability in Use of Traditional Drugs and Points to Alarming Rise in New Psychoactive Substances
1Around 200,000 People Continue To Die Every Single Year Due To Illicit Drugs-UNODC Chief
1UN Chief Urges All Countries to Fully Implement Convention against Torture
1Ban Called On Governments, Media and Civil Society to Raise Awareness of the Harm Caused By Illicit Drugs
195 Per Cent of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan or Iran--UN
1Resolve Conflicts So efugees Can Return Home-UN Chief
1UNESCO World Heritage Committee Removes Bam from List in Danger
1By Conserving Arid Lands Essential Water Supplies Can Be Protected-UN Chief
1Statement Attributable To the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the Elections in the Islamic Republic Of Iran
1Education for Peace
1UN Secretary-General, In Message for Word Environment Day, Calls Food Waste Massive Cost In Terms Of Energy, Land, Water
1Iranian Young Scientist Wins UNESCO Award
May 2013
1Ban Calls on Everyone to Help Syrian People Find the Path to Reconciliation, Reconstruction and Peace
1On Peacekeepers Day, UN Chief Salutes Bravery of UN Peacekeepers
1Biodiversity Central to Achieving the Vision of a Water Secure World-Ban
1In Africa’s Great Lakes Region, Peace Dividend Must Follow Peace Deal
1Telecommunication Technology Reduces Traffic Fatalities
1On Int’l Day of Families Ban Calls for a Healthier World for All
1Get Featured and Celebrate UNESCO’s International Arts Education Week with Our Asia-Pacific Photo Activity
11.3 Million People Die In Road Accidents Annually-UN Chief
April 2013
1Ban Calls On Int’l Community to Rid the World of Chemical Weapons
1Ban Urges Global Health Community to Provide Universal Access to Malaria Interventions
1Forward-Looking Macroeconomic Policies for Inclusive and Sustainable Development
1Ban Pledges Aid to Iran and Pakistan Following Powerful Earthquake
1International Community Should Step Up Assistance to Syrian Refugees, Displaced, Appeals UNFPA Head
1Preventing Genocide, A Shared Responsibility-UN Chief
1On World Health Day, Ban Underlines Need For Enhancing Public Awareness on Problem of Hypertension
1A Thousand Days to Keep the Millennium Promise
1A World Free From Threat of Mines
March 2013
1All People Can Use Nowruz to Reflect On Beauty of Nature, Promise of Spring and Power Of Culture To Build Peace-UN Chief
1New Report Indicates That Road Traffic Injuries Claim 1.24 Million Lives Every Year
1On International Women’s Day Ban Calls For Prosecution Of Crimes Against Women
1INCB: We Must Halt Unprecedented Proliferation and Abuse Of ‘Legal Highs’
1UN Women’s Commission Begins Annual Session With Call To Stop Gender-Based Violence
1Commodities In Need Of Regulation: Towards an Arms Trade Treaty
February 2013
1Social Justice for All
1Ban Calls On All Governments to Make Concrete Commitment of Action To End Violence Against Women, Girls
1On World Radio Day Ban Calls for Tuning World to Frequency of Peace, Development and Human Rights
January 2013
1New UN Report Shows Major Decline in Foreign Direct Investment In 2012
1UN And Partners Launch Global Campaign to Reduce Food Waste
1World’s Youth Facing Worsening Unemployment, Warns New UN Report
1Millions of Domestic Workers Worldwide Lack Social Protection, Says New UN Report
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