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Service Constituency: Islamic Republic of Iran
Location: No.8, Shahrzad Blvd., Darrous, Qoba St., Shariati Ave. Tehran . Iran P.O. Box 15875-4557
Telephone: (021) 228 73837
Fax Number: (021) 228 73395
Email Address: [email protected]
Hours of Operation: Sunday to Thursday; 8:30am - 4:45pm
UNIC Staff

The United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in Tehran is part of a worldwide network of United Nations information centres (UNICs), services (UNIS) and offices (UNOs) that links the Headquarters with people around the world. Located in over 60 countries, these field offices of the Department of Public Information help local communities obtain up-to-date information on the Organization and its activities. As active links between the Organization and the local media, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), UNICs provide up-to-date information on the aims and activities of the United Nations in political, economic, social and humanitarian fields to a diverse local audience.

In 1946, the General Assembly of the United Nations set out the terms of reference for the United Nations Information Centres, which operate under the Department of Public Information (DPI). In a resolution adopted in the same year, the General Assembly said, "The United Nations cannot achieve the purpose for which it was created unless the peoples of the world are fully informed of its aims and activities." The Department of Public Information was called on to establish branch offices around the world "in order to ensure that people in all parts of the world, receive as full information as possible about the United Nations."
As the Department of Public Information began implementing the General Assembly directive, Iran , as a founding member of the United Nations, was among the first countries to have a UNIC in 1948. However, UNIC-Tehran's operations were suspended in 1980. Reactivated in 1991, it became fully operational in 1994.
The reactivation of UNIC-Tehran has taken place with the full cooperation and active support of the Iranian Government. In fact, the Government of Iran attaches great importance to the operations of this Centre, as they are focused on education and information. As the voice of the United Nations in Iran , it helps stimulate local interest in global issues.
UNICs make it possible to extend to member states a variety of services that reflect the main functions of DPI, including institutional requirements, topical projects, special missions and services to United Nations agencies and system.

UNIC-Tehran is linked to UN Headquarters in New York with the most modern telecommunication facilities. The Centre receives a daily roundup of UN activities at the Headquarter and around the world. Out of the information available, the Centre issues, in the form of a press release, items that the Centre believes would be of interest to the people of Iran .
Among other functions of the Centre are to make direct contacts with a cross-section of the people and to apprise them of the UN's role in the areas of special interest to them. The Centre gives high priority to educational institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

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8, Shahrzad Blvd., Darrous. P.O. Box: 15875-4557, Tehran-Iran, Post Code: 19487 Tel: +98 21 2287 3837, Fax: +98 21 2287 3395
E-mail : [email protected]