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Selected DPI and UN System Press Releases
December 2011
1Ensuring Migrants Health Essential To Addressing Health Inequities, Says IOM
1World People Mobilized To Demand Their Rights Enshrined In UDHR-Ban
1Together For A Better World For All Including Persons With Disabilities In Development
November 2011
1A World With Zero New HIV Infections
1HIV Infections Have Fallen By More Than 20 Per Cent Since 1997—UN Chief
1UN Chief Calls For A Just And Lasting Peace In The Middle East
1UN Launches Campaign For Rio+20 Featuring Global Conversation On The Future We Want
1Harness Energy, Ideas And Leadership Of Young People To End Violence Against Women-UN Chief
1Nearly 50% Of People Who Are Eligible For Antiretroviral Therapy Now Have Access To Lifesaving Treatment
1Road Accidents Kill 3,500 People Each Day
1Environmental Trends Threaten Global Progress For The Poor, Warns 2011 Human Development Report
1The Clock Is Ticking By Ban Ki-Moon
October 2011
1Additional Investments In Youth Needed As World Population Tops 7 Billion, States UNFPA Report
1UNODC estimates that criminals may have laundered us$ 1.6 trillion in 2009
1Stand For The Poorest, Most Vulnerable In The Name Of Global Peace, Social Justice-Ban
189% Of Hungry Live In Developing Countries-FAO
1Build A World Free Of Poverty
1UN Chief: Food Price Volatility Devastating For The Poor
1Tuberculosis On The Decline For First Time Ever – UN Report
1Investing In Mental Health
1Six Million New Teachers Needed To Ensure UN Goal Of Universal Primary Education
1UN Official Condemns Killing Of Iranian Journalist In Afghanistan
1Ban Calls For Greater Attention On Addressing Climate Change In World’s Cities
1UN Chief: Durable Ends Such As Peace Can Only Come Through Durable Means – Non-Violence
September 2011
1UN Chief Calls On Governments To Provide More Opportunities For Older Persons
1Tourism A Force For A More Tolerant, Open And United World-UN Chief
1UN Works for Dignity, Security and Opportunity for All
1Let’s Fight Racism-- By Navi Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
1UN: Economic Troubles Make Delivery On Anti-Poverty Commitments Even More Urgent
1As Global Population Nears 7 Billion, UN Capitalizes On New Opportunities
1Only By Limiting Global Climate Change Sustainable Development Can Be Achieved-UN Chief
1Democracy Provides The Foundations For Durable Peace, Security And Development-Ban
1UN-Convened Coalition Of Financiers Warns Of Huge Costs Of Failure To Protect Forests Beyond Kyoto
1Illiteracy Continues To Afflict Millions Of People, Especially Women, Girls-Ban
1UN T-Shirt Competition On Equality And Respect For Women And Girls
August 2011
1Ban Calls For A Safer, Saner World For All
1On World Humanitarian Day UN Chief Honours Aid Workers
1UN Chief Calls On Youth To Change The World
1UN Chief Calls For Strengthening The Rights, Supporting The Aspirations Of Indigenous Peoples
July 2011
1Afghan Opiates Remain Global Threat, Says New UNODC Study
1Asia-Pacific Trade Rebounds To Pre-Crisis Levels; Untapped Potential In Intraregional Trade And Climate-Smart Goods, Says ESCAP
1UNFPA Intensifies Lifesaving Support For Mothers’ Needs In Horn Of Africa
1Famine In Somalia By Ban Ki-moon
1Taking Action For Others, Inspiring Change Best Way To Thank Nelson Mandela For His Work-Ban
1Earth’s Seven Billionth Inhabitant Will Be Born In 2011
1A New Nation Is Born -- By Ban Ki-Moon
1Major Progress Towards Millennium Development Goals, But The Most Vulnerable Are Left Behind, UN Report Says
1New UN Report Calls For End To Injustices Faced By Millions Of Women Worldwide
1Young People Valuable Partners In Strengthening Cooperative Movement-UN Chief
June 2011
1Persian Gardens Added To UN World Heritage List
1Families, Schools, Civil Society And Religious Organizations Can Do Their Part To Rid Their Communities Of Drugs—UN Chief
1Ban Urges All States To Respect Fundamental Rights Of All People
1Reduce Suffering Of 245m. Widows In The World –UN Chief
1Spare A Thought For Millions Of Refugees- Ban
1Management, Conservation And Sustainable Development Of Dry Forests Central To Combating Desertification-UN Chief
1Bold New Aids Targets Set By World Leaders For 2015
1AIDS At 30—No Looking Back--By: Michel Sidibé
1Protect Marine Environment For Present, Future Generations--UN Chief
1World Environment Day’s Message: Fulfill The Promise Of The Earth Summit
1Timely Commitment From Top Leadership At Aids Meeting
May 2011
1Tobacco Could Kill 1b People In 21th Century
1173 UN Peacekeepers Lost Their Lives In 2010
1Conserve All Types Of Forests-UN Chief
1Peace, Solidarity Can Only Be Accomplished By Acknowledging Diversity-UN Chief
1Achieving Development Through Connecting Rural Communities To Digital Revolution
1Family-Focused Strategies Help End Cycles Of Poverty-UN Chief
1Road Crashes Kill Nearly 1.3 M. People Annually-UN Chief
1Mega-Fires May Be Contributing To Climate Change, UN Report Finds
1Renewable Sources Can Meet Most Global Energy Demands – UN-Backed Report
1Readout Of Secretary-General’s Meeting With H.E. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran
1Ban Urges Poor Nations' Leaders To Create Conditions For Economic Development
1Poor Countries Bid To Halt The Cycle Of Poverty
1Asia-Pacific To Remain Global Economy Driver In 2011
1Global Population To Pass 10 Billion By 2100, UN Projections Indicate
1All People Should Benefit From New Media, Communication Technologies-UN Chief
1UN Calls On Governments To Promote Freedom Of Expression In Print, On Airwaves, Online
April 2011
1A Visit To Chernobyl By Ban Ki-Moon
1Ban Calls For Elimination Of Chemical Weapons
1World Free Of Malaria Will Be A Safer, Healthier World For All
1Opium Cultivation In Afghanistan Expected To Fall Despite High Prices – UN
1Antimicrobial Resistance Needs To Be Urgently Addressed- Ban
1Ensure Rwanda Genocide Never Occur Again-Ban
1Readout Of Secretary-General’s Telephone Conversation With President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran
1Ban Calls For Increased Support For Mine Awareness, Action
March 2011
1The UN Secretary-General -- Message For Earth Hour 2011
1The UN Secretary-General -- Message On The International Day Of Nowruz – 21 March 2011
1UN General Assembly Resolution On International Day Of Nowruz
1UN Population Prize Awarded To Iranian Demographer And African Institute
1Special Representative Of The UN Secretary General For Iraq Ad Melkert Concludes Successful Visit To Iran
1It’s Time To Unleash The Full Potential Of Women-UNFPA Chief
1Just Society Only With Full, Equal Participation Of Women-Ban
1INCB: Designer Drugs Are Escalating Out Of Control
February 2011
1UN Officials Call On Libyan Authorities to Protect People
180% Of World’s People Lack Access To Adequate Social Protection-Ban
1End Violence And Free Those Detained, UN Rights Chief Tells Egypt
1UN Experts Call For A Moratorium On Death Penalty In The Islamic Republic Of Iran
1Alarmed At Rise In Killings, UN Rights Chief Urges Iran To Halt Executions
1First Observance Of World Interfaith Harmony Week
January 2011
1UN Human Rights Chief To Send Team To Tunisia, Says Over 100 Have Died During Protests
1Ban Calls For Global Revolution To Ensure Clean Energy For All
1From Fighting Poverty To Building Safer World, UN Chief Outlines Priorities For 2011
1UN Relief Wing Allocates $84 Million For 15 Neglected Emergencies Worldwide
1UN Human Rights Chief Condemns Widespread Attacks On Religious Minorities
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