Mobile bookshop distributes UN publications in Tehran

Key UN publications are being distributed in different neighborhoods of Tehran by a couple who have converted their car into a mobile bookshop. While driving in streets of Tehran, Ms. Sarvenaz Heraner and her husband Mr. Mehdi Yazdani, in their car called “Ketabraneh” (mobile bookshop), give people a ride and at the same time the couple make their passengers familiar with the best books published in the country. Almost all Iranian TV and radio networks have interviewed the couple and they are famous for what they are doing in Tehran. In addition to works by famous foreign and Iranian celebrities such as Gabriel Marquez, Nader Ebrahimi, Robert Frost, Sohrab Sepehri, Albert Camus and many others, now UN publications such as, Basic Facts about the United Nations, UN Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, MDGs flyers, brochures and posters are given to interested Tehrani residents for free.