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On World Autism Day UN Chief calls for full participation of all people with autism

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TEHRAN, 1 April 2018 (UNIC) – United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in his message on World Autism Awareness Day, 2 April 2018, called for the full participation of all people with autism.

The full text of his message reads:

On World Autism Awareness Day, we stand up for the rights of people with autism and speak out against discrimination.

This year’s observance highlights the importance of empowering women and girls with autism.

They face multiple challenges including barriers to accessing education and employment on an equal footing with others, denial of their reproductive rights and the freedom to make their own choices, and a lack of involvement in policy making on matters that concern them.

Our work for gender equality and women’s empowerment must reach all the world’s women and girls.  And our efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals must uphold the 2030 Agenda’s core promise to leave no one behind.

On World Autism Awareness Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to promote the full participation of all people with autism, and ensure they have the necessary support to be able to exercise their rights and fundamental freedoms.  


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