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TEHRAN, 3 April 2018 (UNIC) -- “Sharing Information and Cultural Change in Energy Consumption” Documentary film has been produced and released by UNIDO with Global Environment Facility (GEF) funding, under the project of “Industrial Energy Efficiency in key sectors in Iran (IEE Project)”.

The main focus of this film is to highlight the role of awareness raising, cultural change and importance of sharing information in promoting Energy Efficiency and combating Climate Change.

“In this film, the good practices of the GEF- IEE project and their achievements as well as other Energy Efficiency best practices, nationally or globally have been presented.  In addition, the methods and tools which facilitate sharing of EE information and raising awareness of industries have been introduced.” Ms. Nasim Shekari, the national coordinator of the project said.  

“One of the key components of IEE Project is sharing of Energy Efficiency information and successful achievements. Thereby, by sharing and making access to the tangible results of the project, on one side, the similar industries in the same sector would be encouraged to implement similar projects and activities that lead to replication of Energy Efficiency good and best practices and projects. On the other side, by transferring lessons learned of an implemented projects, the errors will be avoided in the new projects and causing to save resource and time.” Shekari added.

 “We have applied diverse set of media such as website, film, animation, poster, brochure, and social media to ensure that the industries which are looking for energy efficiency information, document or solution can have access to all information of this project.” Ms. Marziye Kuhestanie, National Communication Expert of the IEE project said.

“International experiences show that investing on human resource and key personnel of industries and changing their culture in the view of energy efficiency will have continuous and positive effect on improving industrial energy performance.” She said.


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