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UNIDO allocates low-interest loan to energy efficiency projects in Iran

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TEHRAN, 10 April 2018 (UNIC) -- The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)has established a revolving fund for allocating low-interest loan to Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) projects in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This decision made towards Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development Goals and regarding the agreement on cooperation for proceeding of third to sixth “Five-Year National Development Programs” in which enhancement of productivity through energy efficiency in an essential point of attention. This Fund establishment is implemented with the financial support of Global Environment Facility (GEF), cooperation of Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization (IFCO) as a governmental counterpart of UNIDO in Iran and Pasargad Bank as well.

According to the subject, Dr. Maryam Javan shahraki, UNIDO-Iran representative, emphasized the capability of the mentioned Fund and said “We are hopeful to encourage industries to implement more energy efficiency projects, with allocating low-interest loans to them.”


The coordinator of this program in Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization (IFCO), Houri Jafari explained that according totheagreement, one third to half of primary capital is supplied by UNIDO and the rest is provided by the Pasargad bank. Those projects benefitted from this facility will be selected and ranked after evaluation in a technical committee constituted of representatives from UNIDO and IFCO.  It should be mentioned that the financial evaluation would be through Pasargad Bank.


In call for proposals for revolving fund, which is published on IEEIRAN.IR, it is explained that those projects are only capable which are recognizable with a maximum of 600,000 US Doller investments. This fund allocation may be differed by each project’s form and characteristic. It should be restated that share of the loan would be between 75 -90 percent of the total investment cost, while the execution time for receiving the loan should be less than one year and the payback should be less than 3 years as a result.


Nasim Shekari, the National Coordinator of the project “Industrial Energy Efficiency in 5 key Sectors in Iran” with a brief explanations and guidance, brought the subject into conclusion and said “Those industries which meet the initial conditions of receiving facilities and are willing to receive loans can participate in the evaluation process by completing the project evaluation form and sending it to the electronic address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until 30 April 2018.”


She also restated that in this project, the Pasargad Bank will be responsible for financial management of the Fund at all stages, including contracting with the beneficiaries and repayment of the facilities.


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