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UNIDO launches cultural change pilot, energy efficiency program in Iran Alloy Steel Company

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TEHRAN, 30 July 2018 (UNIC) – United Nations Industrial Development Organizations (UNIDO) for the first time has started cultural change pilot and energy efficiency campaign in Iran Alloy Steel Co. which is the biggest producer of Alloy Steel in the Middle East.

Iran Alloy Steel Co. with 1430 staff members has the capacity to produce more than 300 grades of steel.

“With a complete implementation of this pilot, it is estimated to achieve 5 percent of energy saving in 6 months.” Nasim Shekari the IEE national coordinator said.

As Iran Alloy Steel Company is a large company with different processes, only the steel making process has been considered for implementing the cultural change program when the focus is mostly on Electric Arc Furnaces that contribute for more than 70 percent of electricity consumption of the company.

This pilot will apply three toolbox; Cultural Change Campaign, Organizational Communication Skills and Behavioral Change with Commitment and Feed-backing.

In this pilot, three workshops on UNIDO programs in Iran, cultural change campaign and organizational communication skills have been trained.

” Iran Alloy Steel Company has certification in integrated management system and based on its social responsibility is eager to cooperate with UNIDO in this pilot project for promoting energy efficiency and environment safeguarding.” Zarezadeh the Utility and Energy department manager of the Company said.

After the workshops, the managers and operators of Electric Arc Furnace signed a Commitment Document and agreed to make all efforts in improving energy efficiency within their unit.

In addition, UNIDO will assist the company to implement energy cultural change program along with developing energy baselines and energy performance indicators aiming to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. 

The results of this pilot project will be published after 6 months.


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