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UNIDO hold Industrial Energy Efficiency Seminar in Shiraz

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United Nation Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) hold the 8th “Cultural Change in Industrial Energy Efficiency” seminar focusing on the importance of raising awareness and culture of energy efficiency in Industries in Shiraz on 18 July 2018.

In this seminar 150 energy managers and experts of different industries in Fars and Boushehr Provinces participated to relearn the necessity of low and no cost solutions especially through energy management system.

This seminar has organized by “Industrial Energy Efficiency in Key Sectors Project” which started 5 years ago with focus on 5 industries, Cement, Brick, Oil Refinery, Iron and Steel and Petrochemical.

“According to the energy statistics in 2010, More than 70 percent of energy consumption in industry sector belongs to these five sectors so even a very small amount of energy efficiency would be significant” Nasim Shekari, National coordinator of (IEE) at UNIDO said.

This project has been implemented by UNIDO with the support of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Iranian Fuel Conservation Company (IFCO), the governmental counterpart of this project in Iran.


“One third of energy consumption in the world belongs to industries which contribute to 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions globally, so implementing energy efficient programs would be vital especially in terms of environmental concerns.” Shekari stated.

“The main goal of organizing IEE Seminars is awareness raising, sharing information as well as riase the culture of energy efficiency in industries in Iran.” She mentioned.

“Industries can reduce significantly their energy consumption with cultural and behavioral change” Erik Goudbjerg, UNIDO international consultant stated.

There are 3 pillars for succeeding in Energy Management System programs, Organizational Factors, Technical Knowledge Skills and Human Factors. “But normally the human factors are ignored” he added.

“With cultural change we can reduce energy consumption significantly, without any additional cost, which will lead to reducing the total cost of products. This is the best way to remain competitive in global market.” Goudbjerg said.

Goudbjerg presented some case studies on energy efficiency projects in Denmark, USA, Holland and emphasized on some misleading beliefs in industries: “A lot of Industries believe they are acting upon the standards and there is no more room for improvement without new investment, but there are plenty of potential opportunities for no/low cost energy efficiency even in most energy efficient countries.”

In this seminar he also presented EnMS and PDCA cycle with mostly focus on Energy baselines, Energy performance indicators and operational control for the participants.


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