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The First Brainstorming Workshop on “Implementation of the International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning”

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The first Brainstorming Workshop on “Implementation of the International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning” was held on 3 October 2018 at the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. This workshop aimed at introducing the general framework and objectives of the UN-Habitat “International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning” (IG-UTP) and collaboration possibilities with partners.

In this workshop, Mr. Siamak Moghaddam, Chief of UN-Habitat Tehran Office gave the welcome speech. Mr. Farzin Fardanesh, Programme Officer, UN-Habitat Tehran, briefed the audience on workshop objectives and urban planning context in Iran. Ms. Parnian Kordshakeri, Programme Assistant, UN-Habitat Tehran, introduced the IG-UTP principles and best practices. Ms. Sara Habibi, Urban and Regional Planner, UN-Habitat Tehran explained the process for  implementation of IG-UTP in Iran, its roadmap. The workshop continued with brainstorming and dialogue of experts, professionals and academics.

This meeting was attended by representatives from National Habitat Committee and UN-Habitat partners such as the Directorate of Housing and Construction, Deputy of Architecture and Urban Development, Urban Regeneration Company of Iran, Planning and Budget Organization, Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization, Tehran Municipality Renovation Organization, Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs, Traffic Department of Tehran Municipality, Department of Planning and Architecture, Ministry of Agriculture Iran, Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare, Technical and  Vocational Training Organization, Organization of Development, Renovation and Equipping schools, Ministry of Energy, Natural Disaster Research Center, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Road, Housing and Development Research Center, Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers, as well as independent urban scholars and professionals and academics. Representatives participating in this workshop referred to their priorities and their views on the necessity and implementation prerequisites of the IG-UTP in Iran.

Based on this brainstorming session, a set of recommendations will be elaborated for continuation of the IG-UTP through an agreed roadmap. 

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