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Islamic Republic of 
Library, Museum and Documentation Center of the
Majles-e Shora-ye Eslami
 (Islamic Consultative Assembly)





    Since its establishment in 1923, the Islamic Consultative Assembly's Library (ICALIB) has been serving the representatives of the people, ministers, statesmen and researchers.

Old Library

    The Library is presently adjacent to the main building of Parliament in the heart of Tehran. What has made ICALIB into a rare treasure house is the collection of books, periodicals and documents that have been either purchased or received as donation. With 300,000 volumes (ICALIB) is presently among the most important libraries in Iran.

    The majority of subjects are about Islamic and Iranian studies in Persian, Arabic, Turkish, English, French, German, Russian and other languages.

    Many books in the collection are rare manuscripts. With about 24,000 copies of the most exquisite manuscripts on a wide range of subjects, ICALIB today holds one of the most precious collections in Iran.

Information Center

    The Information Department of the library is a modern and computerized center with easy access to Internet and many databases. The library has also a LAN and a network of 100 stations.

Main Hall

The library serves MPs, politicians, statesmen, etc.

    Outside researchers, scholars and the public at large can also use library services. 

Book Collection

United Nations Publications


Journals Hall

Following the establishment of the United Nations Organization in May 1948, the library became full depository for the United Nations publications and documents. Since then, a copy of UN publications is delivered to the library in French, English and Arabic.

The UN collection is housed in a separate space in a medium–size reading room with seating. The UN depository librarian in charge is Mr. Ali Khakpour. Users, however, have access to Internet in this section by which they are able to browse and search the UN Websites.